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Restore & Preserve

A Community Asset

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is a landmark that serves as the soul of the Upper Midwest, calling us to live as children of God with the mission of building a civilization of love. The Cathedral reminds us of the sacrifices made by the immigrants who settled the area and how Minnesota’s capital city got its name. It is a spiritual home for all, open seven days a week, 12 hours a day. The Cathedral is not only a pivotal community partner, it links us to the nation and to the world as thousands of visitors pass through its doors and behold its beauty. This historic treasure, a beacon of hope for past and future generations, has been entrusted to the care of all residents of Minnesota.

Recent Preservation Efforts

A $35 million project, of which $4.7 Million remains to be paid on the loan, was recently completed that restored the original splendor of the exterior of the Cathedral. Minnesota weather had taken its toll on the magnificent dome and the mortar joints. The project replaced nearly 100,000 square-feet copper dome and roofs, and tuck-pointed 42 miles of the mortar joints to prevent further water seepage. Other projects included cleaning of the exterior granite walls, repair of the exterior windows, correction drainage problems, safety upgrades, and updates of the mechanical and electrical systems.

While the exterior restoration work has been completed, substantial funds still need to be raised for the project. The decision was made to borrow to complete the work because failure to do the needed work now would have resulted in the loss of irreplaceable and priceless works of sacred art in the interior, and created safety concerns throughout the building.

On-going Preservation Efforts

To maintain and preserve one of America’s premier Catholic Cathedrals requires significant resources and commitments from parishioners, guests and friends. Besides the day-to-day maintenance and cleaning, the parish community works hard to make sure the worship, prayer, and inspirational experience of the Cathedral of Saint Paul is the finest anywhere.

A comprehensive restoration plan has been developed that addresses the repainting, repair, and upgrading the interior; repair and restoration of the organs, and the renovation of the lower level of the Cathedral.

For more information on how you can help preserve the Cathedral of Saint Paul, contact us via email or call the Development Office at 651-300-6590.